Velkan Valerious (velkan_wolf) wrote in van_helsingrpg,
Velkan Valerious

Food For Thought

I wondered what sort of business Anna had at the inn at this hour but decided against prying in my continual effort to allow her more space. If she had so-called "obligations" to keep that didn't involve me then that was fine, and the curiousity was fleeting as I glanced back over to Mira. I could always inquire about it at dinner - assuming Anna returned for dinner that was.

"You're welcome to the manor, Mister Van Helsing, and if you require anything more, please don't hesitate to ask," I directed my attention back to our male guest for a brief moment. Perhaps I would be able to handle this 'host' business in my sister's absence after all. Mira remained seated and feeling obliged to ask her how her move went, I decided to sit back down though Van Helsing continued to loom across from us. I looked at him surreptitiously before deciding to begin another conversation with Miss DeLune.

"I trust everything went well with your transfer?"
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