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Company for the night.

My brother made the motion to invite Mister Van Helsing to stay with us. I thought it was rather odd for Velkan to do such a thing, but it seemed he was trying to make some choices based on the nature of our situation. I, however, had other things I wished to tend to this evening--social duties in the local tavern.

"I'll send the message to the servants. I think I shall be taking my leave of you soon, however. I have former obligations that I wish to keep." Nodding my head respectfully to Mister Van Helsing, and flashing my brother an appreciative look, I started for the door and paused on my toes, turning my head to look at them once more. "If you should need me, send word to the inn. I will come."

On that note, I made my exit, making certain to mention something to the servants before I started for the stables.

((OOC: I am probably going to have Anna go for an intrigue with Mister Sollomovici unless someone feels the need to chase her down. If you wish to do so, please let me know.))
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