dractheknife (dractheknife) wrote in van_helsingrpg,

well, this was the most interesting night I have had in two hundred years I mused as I headed down the hall with my guest following and to think, I believed that I would only be entertaining a dull man of medicine. I reminded my self that if the doctor was more interesting that met that the problems of dealing with him would be more difficult. I wasn't too worried though. I always got my way no matter who I had to step on. and the doctor was still an insect, if a slightly bigger one. I could easily destroy him but genius like his was hard to come by. It would be better to try and work with him first. "Tell me, my good doctor, what sort of brandy do you prefer? " I sniffed the air delicately "I can tell that you will take anything, up to an including turpentine, but if you had your choice what would you like." I pushed open the door, revealing a room filled with several wardrobe sized liqueur cabinets "If you prefer, there is a well stocked wine cellar as well." I paused and mentally searched for my brides. Aleera and Marishka were off in the woods with... I frowned. It appeared that they had found a little playmate. I wondered if this was the other vampire of which Aleera had spoken. It quite probably was. I decidedto let those two have their fun. They were dear little demons, but very impulsive, not suited for the delicate work of diplomacy. Perhaps I would let them meet the doctor later. In the meantime my darling Verona would make an excellent companion for us. Mentally I summoned her Verona, come here. I have need of you
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