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I walk this empty road...

It didn't take too long for us to return to town, where the villagers still gave Mister Van Helsing odd looks. At a glance from me, however, they ceased their looking and we continued onwards uninterrupted. Near the church was a small office, no bigger than the gatehouse at the manor. It was mostly accepted that church officials and the wealthy send cables, thus the location.

Crossing the thresh-hold, I brought Van Helsing into the small office and nodded to the small old man sitting at the desk. "He needs to send a message," I stated informatively, "See that it gets sent."

I turned to Mister Van Helsing. "I'll wait for you outside," I informed, before brushing past and taking position at the door. I had a few townspeople to explain things to that I knew would not understand the situation properly. Somewhere inside, I was being bothered by something; some kind of emotion. I didn't have time to analyze myself right now. Now was time for work.

Though I was certainly looking forward to that drink with Mister Van Helsing later on, for some strange reason...
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