Aleera (aleera_bride) wrote in van_helsingrpg,

I awoke in a strange place, and as I sat up it took me a moment to get my bearings.

My bedroom in Castle Frankenstein. Ah.

I stepped delicatly from my coffin and surveyed the room. It had been a while since I had last slept here.

A large bed was situated in the corner of the room, and I jumped onto it. Dracula had put it here for me, just as in my other bedroom, soon after I had been turned. To ease the transition from my old life, he had said. I wondered if the others had beds too.

It was really a pointless piece of furniture, I thought idly as I examined the trimming of the blanket. I couldn't sleep in it. Dracula, of course, had a bed in his room for other purposes than sleeping, but this bed would not be used for that. He never came to our rooms.

I knew that my master would be busy now, and not need me. I know a lot things, but not much about these machines. I'm not fond of them.

So I took my violin out of its case. I ran my fingers over it, touched the scroll to me cheek and inhaled. It still smelled like cedar, just as when I'd first gotten it. I suddenly felt very alone, up in my room with my love in the cold dungeons with his Dwergi. I wondered where my sisters were.

I put the bow to the strings and began a slow song. I could no longer remember the name, but it was from the Ballet Swan lake. A love song, for my love.

I knew if he needed me, he would call for me.
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