Gabriel Van Helsing (g_van_helsing) wrote in van_helsingrpg,
Gabriel Van Helsing

I sat by a stream in the middle of a beautiful forest. I wasn't sure exactly where I was, somewhere in Germany or Austria, perhaps. I'd lost sight of the creature and the doctor days ago, but their trail was simple to follow, considering the havoc they left in their wake. There had been reports of multiple deaths in the villages along the way. The stories seemed to suggest that the pair traveled by night. The fact that the two were still together indicated that Hyde was following the creature willingly. But where were they going, and why?

Standing up, I patted my horse. He'd given me so much the last few days. "C'mon, boy," I said, mounting him. "Hopefully we've not got much further to go." I dug my heels in and he obliged by speeding me off down the narrow trail.

((fudge fudge fudge fudge fudge))

The trail ended somewhere in Romania. As I crossed the border into the country, the reports became more frequent and the details more gruesome. As I entered the Transylvanian region, the trail seemed to abruptly stop. A farmer along the road said that the two had been seen entering a nearby castle on top of a hill that had been abandoned for about a year. The castle was near a small village called Vaseria. That's where I was headed.

I'd cabled Carl back in Budapest to say I was headed into Romania. Hopefully, I could find a place nearby from which I could cable him to come and join me.

((fudge fudge fudge fudge fudge))

As I entered Vaseria, I was greeted with the usual strange looks that I was accustomed to receiving everywhere I went. I'd been careful not to give my name along the way; that would ensure that trouble would be coming from behind me as well as in front of me. Even so, I was a stranger in this land, and from the looks of things, the locals didn't take kindly to strangers.
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