Gabriel Van Helsing (g_van_helsing) wrote in van_helsingrpg,
Gabriel Van Helsing

"Take your bloody coat! Go back to your church and let me be. That's all I ask, from you and the world!"

I caught my coat with one hand, and made a face to feign taking offense at the Doctor's words. In truth, I wasn't even paying attention to his words, my mind was only focusing on one thing. And now I would have it.

I slipped my left hand through the left sleeve, and as I slipped my right hand into the coat, I reached into one of its deep pockets, drawing an object through my right sleeve as I finished putting on the coat.

In one quick movement, I raised my small ivory blowgun and blew the pre-loaded darts at the Doctor. Had he been Hyde, I may have missed him, but as an old man he was an easy target.

I only prayed he wouldn't shift before the tranquilizer took effect.
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