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Van Helsing RPG

keep it alive...keep it immortal

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Hello and Welcome to the Van_HelsingRPG community, the first and oldest VH RPG on LiveJournal!

OOC Community - van_helsing_ooc

There are some rules and regulations that you must follow in order to be a part of this community.


1. You may create a canon character (from the movie) or create an original character, in the genre and spirit of the movie. (i.e. vampires, werewolves, other supernatural creatures, other humans also welcome (villagers, servants, etc)--be creative!)

Current Canon Characters:

g_van_helsing as Gabriel Van Helsing, Knight of the Holy Order and Monster Hunter Extraordinaire
AIM: gbrlvanhelsing

valerious_anna as Anna Valerious, Princess of the Gypsies

aleera_bride as Aleera, bride of Dracula

milady_marishka as Marishka, bride of Dracula

velkan_wolf as Velkan Valerious/The Wolf Man, brother to Anna
AIM: spiritofthesea29

Original Characters:

demoncharlotte as Charlotte Guiborg
AIM: misstorilc
Yahoo: Miss_tori_l
Mail: Miss_tori_l@yahoo.com

baltasar as Baltasar Korzha

Available Canon Characters:

Count Vladislaus Dragulia
Dr. Henry Jekyll/Mr. Hyde
Frankenstein's Creation
Top Hat, Vaseria's village undertaker
Cardinal Jinette

2. After you join both this and the OOC community van_helsing_ooc, your first post should be your application in van_helsing_ooc:

Appearance (include type of creature if applicable):
Traits (general attitude, personality, quirks, etc):
Brief Character History:
Your current plans (i.e. occupation, modus operandi):

3. After and ONLY AFTER you have been approved by a moderator may you start posting as your character. Any violations of this rule will result in a ban from the community.

4. Please stay in character. Do not make Out of Character posts in this community. Any OOC posts (including new applications) should be posted in our OOC community for the game, van_helsing_ooc. Any OOC posts made in van_helsingrpg will be deleted. No exceptions.

5. Post often. If you cannot commit to posting at least once a day, do not join this RPG. Update your personal journals (in character) at least once every two weeks (in addition to positing in the community). This adds to the roleplay by getting an additional view into the character's mind. Make sure you friend all players so you can read their journals, too.

6. Show us what you've got! Give us RP ideas, scenarios, and everything. Don't be shy, we don't bite...hard.

7. Be kind to the other members. Hostility is expected (and encouraged!) while in character, but remember this is just an RP and it is not real.

8. Please do not kill anyone's character without discussing it with the player first! Character deaths are welcome and can make the story more interesting, but only with the owner's permission! It's also a good idea not to do anything major to a character (i.e. kidnapping, severely maiming, etc.) without discussing it with the player.

8. Please respect your moderators misstoric and g_van_helsing!

In-Character Rules

1. The only way to kill a werewolf is by silver through the heart - bullets, dagger, stake, whatever.

2. Vampires can be killed by a stake through the heart or exposing them to sunlight. The exception is Count Dracula. These methods do not work on him.

3. All the traditional vampire banes are in effect - crosses, holy water, garlic. These will injure but not kill a vampire.

4. A vampire cannot enter a home without being invited in, Dracula included.

5. There are two ways for werewolves to fall under Dracula's influence.

a. The first is meeting him. He must make a willful effort to control the wolf (why wouldn't he, if he knows he can be killed by one?). Once a werewolf comes into Dracula's presence and he decides to possess him/her (which will always be successful except in special cases), at midnight on their second full moon under his influence, the werewolf will become completely subservient to him.

b. The other way is to be bitten by a werewolf who is already under Dracula's influence.

6. How can this horrible curse be undone? There are 2 ways:

a. Kill Dracula (good luck)
b. Find the antidote for lycanthropy

7. Killing Dracula does not cure lycanthropy. Even though a werewolf is no longer under influence, a werewolf remains a werewolf until he/she finds the antidote or is killed.