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In the deep woods

I flew ahead of Marishka and Kestrel, trying to remember exactly where I had met the ladywitch before. She had cloaked her presence in the woods somehow, and I couldn't locate her.

When I knew I was on her 'lands' I signaled that it I was going to stop. I resumed human form once on the ground, and brushed the dirt and leaves off my dress.

The witch would know that there were people on her lands, and come to us eventually. We would simply walk from here until found.

I turned around to wait for my companions to join me.
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"Well, where is she?" I muttered impatiently, landing behind my sister. This was a fine plan, but why did it have to be so complicated? Visiting a witch, getting disguises...I missed the old days when we never had to worry about being subtle.
I looked at the ground, avoiding her gaze.

"She's, er, somewhere around here. In any case, she will know we're here, and should be sending for us any minute."
"Well, I hope she does it soon." I glanced around at the surrounding trees. At this rate, the night would be over before we accomplished anything.
I landed softly on the ground, my vampiric features subsiding back until they were gone and replaced with my human features glowing with the gift of immortality. I stayed a few feet behind the two brides, glancing about and observing the woods. She was undetectable, but I knew as well as they did she would find us... afterall, she found me once before.
I had known the moment they crossed my borders who they were. Two of Dracula's brides - one of which, Aleera, I had had dealings with before. The other was the same waif that I'd warned away before. I would have dealt with her swiftly if not for her companions...they wouldn't come for now reason.

I sighted the three of them talking from far off, and crept up quietly.

"State your business here," I said, calmly but firmly.
I tossed my hair impatiently. I had no wish to explain myself to this impertinant mortal.
"It was your idea, sister. You explain."
I frowned slightly. She might be a mortal, but Katrinka was still powerful. She wasn't one you wanted angry at you, and we were all currently in a very precarious situation with the Valeriouses.

"We need disguises, just enough to fool the villagers."
I raised an eyebrow. What were these Vampires getting up to now? No matter really though, as long as it didn't interfere too much with me.

"I see. And why should I do that for you, miss Aleera?"

I wasn't going to do anything for free that I could profit from with a little extra work.
I was unphased; I knew her well enough, and had planned out an exchange to suit her.

"There will be bodies, fresh ones. We can bring them back to you, for use however you see fit."
I could use human bodies, but they weren't really worth the effort of disguising three vampires.

"What else do you have to offer?" I asked cooly, examining my fingers.
My temper rose at her words. All we wanted was a simple disguise, it couldn't be that difficult!

"I don't know! What do you want, then?"
"How about this? You just owe me a favor," I said, with a slight smile.

I could see Aleera start to get angry, and wondered at how a creature with such little control over her emotions had managed to live over a hundred years.
"A favor?" I jumped in with my demand, scowling hard as my eyes flashed. I did not like the idea of being indebted to a mortal, let alone a witch.
I watched from behind the two as they debated what to trade, and then tempers flew. I was thinking the same thought as Marishka voiced, a "favor" could be anything at anytime, and just from the tone and glimps at this mortal you knew the "favor" could be as big or as little as she'd like.
I bit my lip. To owe a favor to anyone, much less someone shrewd as Katrinka, was not a good thing.

But we'd come all this way, and Kestrel needed to feed. But...I would beg from no one.

"That is too much to ask, surely you know that," said, sternly. "You give yourself too much credit that you think you tease the brides of Dracula."

I stepped back.

"Come Marishka, Kestrel. We'll get our prey by some other means."

I put up shields around me; slightly visible. A warning that I was not as vulnerable as they might think.

"Aleera. Stop."

I had gone too far, but hopefully the situation could be rememdied.

"I will provide two of you with disguises if you bring me the bodies. And promise to remind your master of my presence, in case he should have need of me."

I took a step forward to close the gap between us. "I know that he is up to something, and" I said, smiling thinly, "I wouldn't want to be left completely out of the fray."
"Well, that's more like it," I said haughtily. We only really needed disguises for Aleera and myself anyway; Kestrel was presumably enough of a stranger in these parts still that she could go about unrecognized.

I smirked slightly, and motioned to them with a gloved hand.

"Follow me, then. I will need to get some...things."
"Very well then," I replied, stony faced. This was becoming much more trouble than it was worth.

I glanced back at Marishka and Kestrel, and then began to follow the cloaked woman through the trees.
I followed close behind my sister, stealing a look over to see how Kestrel was behaving herself.
I stayed behind the two observing quietly, feeling she didn't want us on her land, but was she really powerful enough to go up against three vampires?