dr_lazarovich (dr_lazarovich) wrote in van_helsingrpg,

I awoke in the cold little room, next to Charlotte. A little light filtered in through the room's only window, barely enough to see by. What little there was to see, at that: the place was even more cramped than it had appeared last night. The only noteworthy features were the bed and bucket - the room didn't even have a closet. To top the experience off, the place was still freezing. I sighed, and got up, quietly.

Well, my first night in Paris, with a lovely girl...spent in an attic. Right above one of the best hotels in the city. Perhaps a dozen feet from a hot bath. At least the Count's gold can correct the imbalance in my circumstances.

I dressed as quickly as I could, then gave Charlotte a gentle shake on the shoulder, "Wake up, Charlotte."
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