dractheknife (dractheknife) wrote in van_helsingrpg,

((ooc: Jumping ahead a few hours))
I rose from my coffin at dusk and hurriedly summoned my servants to me. The Dwergi, Devil bless their black hearts, were already at work. They had refurbished most of the machinery. I listened to Igor ordering them about. Even though he was only mortal I was grateful to have him in my employ, for he could work all day while I slept. I smiled and walked down the staircase, heading toward the prisoner's area. The men that my brides had brought back from their hunt were still deep in a drugged sleep. I intended to keep them unconscious, until the next full moon. I noted that one of my guests had not arrived yet. I stopped a nearby Dwergi and inquired about the guest rooms. He informed me that both of them were ready for their inhabitants. I hoped I would use both of them. I glanced down the very large, very heavy set of manacles on the floor and then at Igor with his cattle prod. It would be much easier than having to use other methods of persuasion. I heard the beating of wings and looked up. My first guest had arrived
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