Velkan Valerious (velkan_wolf) wrote in van_helsingrpg,
Velkan Valerious

Meanwhile, back at the manor...

I woke up late. Two days in a row. Sitting up in my bed I relinquished a sigh and checked the ever-present bandages wondering how long it was going to be like this. The healing process was far too torpid for my liking and I gladly wished for a way to hurry it up. I was feeling decidingly better regardless, both mentally and physically.

Stretching with a yawn, I made my way out of bed and about my morning routine. Hopefully Mira hadn't left yet as I'd like to see her before she departed for home. Not for any purpose really, I just wanted to see her again. I smiled at the memory of the night before while planning my agenda for the day ahead. Mira was to be escorted to town to gather her belongings. Perhaps I could go along as well as I had business of my own in the village. Besides, I had remained cooped up in the manor for an entire day as it was and it would be good to take in some fresh air and make an appearance.

Moving to my window, I looked up at the sky beyond the paned glass. It appeared clear and welcoming for the time being and in my mind there wasn't any logic behind trying to be more careful then usual. Staying walled up within the manor would achieve nothing other then welcoming defeat under a guise of apathy. It would be foolish to undertake a sentence of indeterminate caution by remaining at home. Nothing had changed.

Once dressed, I headed off out of my room and down the stairs in the direction of the dining hall. It was my best bet to find Mira at any rate and if she wasn't there and left already then I'd seek out the stablehand that took the carriage to her home the other night. It was funny how I didn't even know where she lived. All this time in Vaseria and we hadn't known. It almost made me wonder if there was more going on within our borders that I wasn't aware of.
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