Gabriel Van Helsing (g_van_helsing) wrote in van_helsingrpg,
Gabriel Van Helsing

A turning point

I was almost at wits' end with the girl and the doctor. They were only slowing me down. The longer I dallied with them, the greater the risk that Dr. Jekyll would awaken.

"I told you, I have no time to talk. Now I assure you that he is in capable hands--"

My words trailed off as a look of horror crossed the faces of the man and the girl. Their heads were upturned, and they backed away from me.

I turned to look in that direction, and did not even have time for a reaction as I was knocked clean from my horse. Pain shot up my left side as my ribs took the brunt of the impact. Dr. Jekyll slumped forward and began to slide off the horse, but he was caught--by what had knocked me to the ground.

I rolled up into a sitting position and plucked my revolvers out of their holsters, firing carefully at the thing, so as not to harm Dr. Jekyll. It was unlike anything I'd seen before; batlike but somewhat human at the same time. My shots connected, causing it to hiss, and I could see a pair of grisly fangs inside its gaping maw. It seemed to be unaffected though, as it took off into the night with my quarry. Inadvertently, he had gotten away from me again.

Cursing under my breath, I got to my feet. The beast had thankfully left my horse unharmed. Not wasting another minute on the girl and the doctor, I jumped on my horse and set off in the east in pursuit. Somehow, I knew I hadn't seen the last of them. I'd felt evil within them, and sooner or later I'd run into them again...

I only stopped long enough to send a cable to Carl in Rome that I was headed east, and as soon as I reached my destination I'd contact him again. Little did he know I'd be requesting him to come and join me. It wouldn't hurt to have his knowledge along with the supplies I'd be needing.

Clearly the situation had reached a new level that I hadn't expected.
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