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The duties never cease...

If Miss DeLune had been anyone other than a former member of royalty, I may have considered doing some type of informal dinner. But she was of some type of status, and considering what she had done for us so far, it seemed only fair to give her a respectful assembly.

I informed the kitchen of the required arrangements, and they set to it right away. The meal would consist of veal schnitzel, mushroof pilaf, and bread. There might be a salad of some kind, depending on what they could find, but we were more likely to get a side of Hungarian potatoes. There would also be water, and brandy, and a simple cake-like dessert following. It seemed cordial enough to me, and I went upstairs to select my attire.

I had never been into wearing dresses, but being a Princess, it was customary for events such as this. Absently, I wondered if I should be inviting another person while I was at it. Three was an uneven number, and the sitting arrangements might be a little awkward. Or then again, I could choose to not stay for the entire time. I'm sure Velkan would be more than happy to entertain our guest... I almost snickered at the thought of this, because I'd never seen my brother react in such ways. It was almost endearing to a point, but more-so definitely worth making fun of. I was his sister; it was my duty.

I selected a burgundy-colored gown with the customary bustle styles of a dinner dress, flared with a hint of orient in the underskirt. There was really nothing appealing about wearing it, except that I would probably look more like a lady than ever. Not exactly the best thing in my case, but I would live it out. It was only one night after all. After laying my things out, I went to town on the search for the lute player. It turned out that he was invited on the Gypsy run, however, and thus there was no entertainment in town. Oh well; we would make due.

Upon returning to the manor, I informed a stable hand that a carriage would need to be sent before dusk to Miss DeLune's house. I had to describe in detail where she was located, of course, since it was a bit difficult to find. Then I proceeded to my room, where I laid down to take a decent-sized nap. My thoughts were still centered, however, on trying to discover why the brides had seemed so insistent upon catching my brother. Perhaps there would be time to discuss it over dinner. I drifted off for a good few hours.

When I awoke, I readied myself and glanced out the window to see the carriage making its way out for Miss DeLune. It was almost time. I proceeded out of my room and downstairs, the smell of dinner wafting about the corridors. A large fire was lit in the sitting room, and the dining table looked splendid. I felt very out of place, and almost silly. It was only one night...

((OOC: Sorry to keep you waiting Velkan. >_<))
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