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Food For Thought [10 Mar 2005|11:27pm]

I wondered what sort of business Anna had at the inn at this hour but decided against prying in my continual effort to allow her more space. If she had so-called "obligations" to keep that didn't involve me then that was fine, and the curiousity was fleeting as I glanced back over to Mira. I could always inquire about it at dinner - assuming Anna returned for dinner that was.

"You're welcome to the manor, Mister Van Helsing, and if you require anything more, please don't hesitate to ask," I directed my attention back to our male guest for a brief moment. Perhaps I would be able to handle this 'host' business in my sister's absence after all. Mira remained seated and feeling obliged to ask her how her move went, I decided to sit back down though Van Helsing continued to loom across from us. I looked at him surreptitiously before deciding to begin another conversation with Miss DeLune.

"I trust everything went well with your transfer?"
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Company for the night. [10 Mar 2005|05:22pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

My brother made the motion to invite Mister Van Helsing to stay with us. I thought it was rather odd for Velkan to do such a thing, but it seemed he was trying to make some choices based on the nature of our situation. I, however, had other things I wished to tend to this evening--social duties in the local tavern.

"I'll send the message to the servants. I think I shall be taking my leave of you soon, however. I have former obligations that I wish to keep." Nodding my head respectfully to Mister Van Helsing, and flashing my brother an appreciative look, I started for the door and paused on my toes, turning my head to look at them once more. "If you should need me, send word to the inn. I will come."

On that note, I made my exit, making certain to mention something to the servants before I started for the stables.

((OOC: I am probably going to have Anna go for an intrigue with Mister Sollomovici unless someone feels the need to chase her down. If you wish to do so, please let me know.))

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[06 Feb 2005|07:41am]

well, this was the most interesting night I have had in two hundred years I mused as I headed down the hall with my guest following and to think, I believed that I would only be entertaining a dull man of medicine. I reminded my self that if the doctor was more interesting that met that the problems of dealing with him would be more difficult. I wasn't too worried though. I always got my way no matter who I had to step on. and the doctor was still an insect, if a slightly bigger one. I could easily destroy him but genius like his was hard to come by. It would be better to try and work with him first. "Tell me, my good doctor, what sort of brandy do you prefer? " I sniffed the air delicately "I can tell that you will take anything, up to an including turpentine, but if you had your choice what would you like." I pushed open the door, revealing a room filled with several wardrobe sized liqueur cabinets "If you prefer, there is a well stocked wine cellar as well." I paused and mentally searched for my brides. Aleera and Marishka were off in the woods with... I frowned. It appeared that they had found a little playmate. I wondered if this was the other vampire of which Aleera had spoken. It quite probably was. I decidedto let those two have their fun. They were dear little demons, but very impulsive, not suited for the delicate work of diplomacy. Perhaps I would let them meet the doctor later. In the meantime my darling Verona would make an excellent companion for us. Mentally I summoned her Verona, come here. I have need of you
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In the deep woods [30 Jan 2005|03:21pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I flew ahead of Marishka and Kestrel, trying to remember exactly where I had met the ladywitch before. She had cloaked her presence in the woods somehow, and I couldn't locate her.

When I knew I was on her 'lands' I signaled that it I was going to stop. I resumed human form once on the ground, and brushed the dirt and leaves off my dress.

The witch would know that there were people on her lands, and come to us eventually. We would simply walk from here until found.

I turned around to wait for my companions to join me.

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Buzzzz [04 Jan 2005|04:51pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Carl was tinkering, as usual, around his lab when one of the other friars approached him, handing a slip of paper before heading off. He blinked and unfolded it. A wire...letter...thing, from Van Helsing in Romania. He read it through a few times, then folded it up and stuck it in his pocket.

Because I'm a loser, what is it Gabe wants him to do? >__>;;;

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I walk this empty road... [06 Dec 2004|11:02pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

It didn't take too long for us to return to town, where the villagers still gave Mister Van Helsing odd looks. At a glance from me, however, they ceased their looking and we continued onwards uninterrupted. Near the church was a small office, no bigger than the gatehouse at the manor. It was mostly accepted that church officials and the wealthy send cables, thus the location.

Crossing the thresh-hold, I brought Van Helsing into the small office and nodded to the small old man sitting at the desk. "He needs to send a message," I stated informatively, "See that it gets sent."

I turned to Mister Van Helsing. "I'll wait for you outside," I informed, before brushing past and taking position at the door. I had a few townspeople to explain things to that I knew would not understand the situation properly. Somewhere inside, I was being bothered by something; some kind of emotion. I didn't have time to analyze myself right now. Now was time for work.

Though I was certainly looking forward to that drink with Mister Van Helsing later on, for some strange reason...

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[06 Dec 2004|06:11pm]

I awoke in the cold little room, next to Charlotte. A little light filtered in through the room's only window, barely enough to see by. What little there was to see, at that: the place was even more cramped than it had appeared last night. The only noteworthy features were the bed and bucket - the room didn't even have a closet. To top the experience off, the place was still freezing. I sighed, and got up, quietly.

Well, my first night in Paris, with a lovely girl...spent in an attic. Right above one of the best hotels in the city. Perhaps a dozen feet from a hot bath. At least the Count's gold can correct the imbalance in my circumstances.

I dressed as quickly as I could, then gave Charlotte a gentle shake on the shoulder, "Wake up, Charlotte."
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[02 Dec 2004|09:23pm]

I awoke in a strange place, and as I sat up it took me a moment to get my bearings.

My bedroom in Castle Frankenstein. Ah.

I stepped delicatly from my coffin and surveyed the room. It had been a while since I had last slept here.

A large bed was situated in the corner of the room, and I jumped onto it. Dracula had put it here for me, just as in my other bedroom, soon after I had been turned. To ease the transition from my old life, he had said. I wondered if the others had beds too.

It was really a pointless piece of furniture, I thought idly as I examined the trimming of the blanket. I couldn't sleep in it. Dracula, of course, had a bed in his room for other purposes than sleeping, but this bed would not be used for that. He never came to our rooms.

I knew that my master would be busy now, and not need me. I know a lot things, but not much about these machines. I'm not fond of them.

So I took my violin out of its case. I ran my fingers over it, touched the scroll to me cheek and inhaled. It still smelled like cedar, just as when I'd first gotten it. I suddenly felt very alone, up in my room with my love in the cold dungeons with his Dwergi. I wondered where my sisters were.

I put the bow to the strings and began a slow song. I could no longer remember the name, but it was from the Ballet Swan lake. A love song, for my love.

I knew if he needed me, he would call for me.
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[30 Nov 2004|05:11pm]

((ooc: Jumping ahead a few hours))
I rose from my coffin at dusk and hurriedly summoned my servants to me. The Dwergi, Devil bless their black hearts, were already at work. They had refurbished most of the machinery. I listened to Igor ordering them about. Even though he was only mortal I was grateful to have him in my employ, for he could work all day while I slept. I smiled and walked down the staircase, heading toward the prisoner's area. The men that my brides had brought back from their hunt were still deep in a drugged sleep. I intended to keep them unconscious, until the next full moon. I noted that one of my guests had not arrived yet. I stopped a nearby Dwergi and inquired about the guest rooms. He informed me that both of them were ready for their inhabitants. I hoped I would use both of them. I glanced down the very large, very heavy set of manacles on the floor and then at Igor with his cattle prod. It would be much easier than having to use other methods of persuasion. I heard the beating of wings and looked up. My first guest had arrived
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Meanwhile, back at the manor... [21 Nov 2004|09:57am]

I woke up late. Two days in a row. Sitting up in my bed I relinquished a sigh and checked the ever-present bandages wondering how long it was going to be like this. The healing process was far too torpid for my liking and I gladly wished for a way to hurry it up. I was feeling decidingly better regardless, both mentally and physically.

Stretching with a yawn, I made my way out of bed and about my morning routine. Hopefully Mira hadn't left yet as I'd like to see her before she departed for home. Not for any purpose really, I just wanted to see her again. I smiled at the memory of the night before while planning my agenda for the day ahead. Mira was to be escorted to town to gather her belongings. Perhaps I could go along as well as I had business of my own in the village. Besides, I had remained cooped up in the manor for an entire day as it was and it would be good to take in some fresh air and make an appearance.

Moving to my window, I looked up at the sky beyond the paned glass. It appeared clear and welcoming for the time being and in my mind there wasn't any logic behind trying to be more careful then usual. Staying walled up within the manor would achieve nothing other then welcoming defeat under a guise of apathy. It would be foolish to undertake a sentence of indeterminate caution by remaining at home. Nothing had changed.

Once dressed, I headed off out of my room and down the stairs in the direction of the dining hall. It was my best bet to find Mira at any rate and if she wasn't there and left already then I'd seek out the stablehand that took the carriage to her home the other night. It was funny how I didn't even know where she lived. All this time in Vaseria and we hadn't known. It almost made me wonder if there was more going on within our borders that I wasn't aware of.
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[19 Nov 2004|10:32am]

I sat by a stream in the middle of a beautiful forest. I wasn't sure exactly where I was, somewhere in Germany or Austria, perhaps. I'd lost sight of the creature and the doctor days ago, but their trail was simple to follow, considering the havoc they left in their wake. There had been reports of multiple deaths in the villages along the way. The stories seemed to suggest that the pair traveled by night. The fact that the two were still together indicated that Hyde was following the creature willingly. But where were they going, and why?

Standing up, I patted my horse. He'd given me so much the last few days. "C'mon, boy," I said, mounting him. "Hopefully we've not got much further to go." I dug my heels in and he obliged by speeding me off down the narrow trail.

((fudge fudge fudge fudge fudge))

The trail ended somewhere in Romania. As I crossed the border into the country, the reports became more frequent and the details more gruesome. As I entered the Transylvanian region, the trail seemed to abruptly stop. A farmer along the road said that the two had been seen entering a nearby castle on top of a hill that had been abandoned for about a year. The castle was near a small village called Vaseria. That's where I was headed.

I'd cabled Carl back in Budapest to say I was headed into Romania. Hopefully, I could find a place nearby from which I could cable him to come and join me.

((fudge fudge fudge fudge fudge))

As I entered Vaseria, I was greeted with the usual strange looks that I was accustomed to receiving everywhere I went. I'd been careful not to give my name along the way; that would ensure that trouble would be coming from behind me as well as in front of me. Even so, I was a stranger in this land, and from the looks of things, the locals didn't take kindly to strangers.
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A turning point [15 Nov 2004|04:50pm]

I was almost at wits' end with the girl and the doctor. They were only slowing me down. The longer I dallied with them, the greater the risk that Dr. Jekyll would awaken.

"I told you, I have no time to talk. Now I assure you that he is in capable hands--"

My words trailed off as a look of horror crossed the faces of the man and the girl. Their heads were upturned, and they backed away from me.

I turned to look in that direction, and did not even have time for a reaction as I was knocked clean from my horse. Pain shot up my left side as my ribs took the brunt of the impact. Dr. Jekyll slumped forward and began to slide off the horse, but he was caught--by what had knocked me to the ground.

I rolled up into a sitting position and plucked my revolvers out of their holsters, firing carefully at the thing, so as not to harm Dr. Jekyll. It was unlike anything I'd seen before; batlike but somewhat human at the same time. My shots connected, causing it to hiss, and I could see a pair of grisly fangs inside its gaping maw. It seemed to be unaffected though, as it took off into the night with my quarry. Inadvertently, he had gotten away from me again.

Cursing under my breath, I got to my feet. The beast had thankfully left my horse unharmed. Not wasting another minute on the girl and the doctor, I jumped on my horse and set off in the east in pursuit. Somehow, I knew I hadn't seen the last of them. I'd felt evil within them, and sooner or later I'd run into them again...

I only stopped long enough to send a cable to Carl in Rome that I was headed east, and as soon as I reached my destination I'd contact him again. Little did he know I'd be requesting him to come and join me. It wouldn't hurt to have his knowledge along with the supplies I'd be needing.

Clearly the situation had reached a new level that I hadn't expected.
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[12 Nov 2004|06:42pm]

I began to venture my way out into the forest, not to feed but just to wander. Ahead I could smell the common scents a village produced. It was so calm, but it was also very strange, for I have never felt the presence of evil and fear so strong in my life. It was smothering.
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[06 Nov 2004|11:29pm]

My feet made sharp clicking noises as I walked the halls looking for Verona and Marishka. Being with my master had invigorated me, and I now felt energy rushing through my limbs.

And I was bored of simply looking. I had hoped that they would be somewhere near Dracula's chambers, but it looked otherwise.

I leaned against the cool castle wall, and shook my hair out of my face.

"VERONA! MARISHKA! COME HERE!" I yelled, with my voice and with my mind. One or the other would do the trick.
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The duties never cease... [06 Nov 2004|10:32pm]

[ mood | blank ]

If Miss DeLune had been anyone other than a former member of royalty, I may have considered doing some type of informal dinner. But she was of some type of status, and considering what she had done for us so far, it seemed only fair to give her a respectful assembly.

I informed the kitchen of the required arrangements, and they set to it right away. The meal would consist of veal schnitzel, mushroof pilaf, and bread. There might be a salad of some kind, depending on what they could find, but we were more likely to get a side of Hungarian potatoes. There would also be water, and brandy, and a simple cake-like dessert following. It seemed cordial enough to me, and I went upstairs to select my attire.

I had never been into wearing dresses, but being a Princess, it was customary for events such as this. Absently, I wondered if I should be inviting another person while I was at it. Three was an uneven number, and the sitting arrangements might be a little awkward. Or then again, I could choose to not stay for the entire time. I'm sure Velkan would be more than happy to entertain our guest... I almost snickered at the thought of this, because I'd never seen my brother react in such ways. It was almost endearing to a point, but more-so definitely worth making fun of. I was his sister; it was my duty.

I selected a burgundy-colored gown with the customary bustle styles of a dinner dress, flared with a hint of orient in the underskirt. There was really nothing appealing about wearing it, except that I would probably look more like a lady than ever. Not exactly the best thing in my case, but I would live it out. It was only one night after all. After laying my things out, I went to town on the search for the lute player. It turned out that he was invited on the Gypsy run, however, and thus there was no entertainment in town. Oh well; we would make due.

Upon returning to the manor, I informed a stable hand that a carriage would need to be sent before dusk to Miss DeLune's house. I had to describe in detail where she was located, of course, since it was a bit difficult to find. Then I proceeded to my room, where I laid down to take a decent-sized nap. My thoughts were still centered, however, on trying to discover why the brides had seemed so insistent upon catching my brother. Perhaps there would be time to discuss it over dinner. I drifted off for a good few hours.

When I awoke, I readied myself and glanced out the window to see the carriage making its way out for Miss DeLune. It was almost time. I proceeded out of my room and downstairs, the smell of dinner wafting about the corridors. A large fire was lit in the sitting room, and the dining table looked splendid. I felt very out of place, and almost silly. It was only one night...

((OOC: Sorry to keep you waiting Velkan. >_<))

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[04 Nov 2004|08:42am]

[ mood | disappointed ]

I was in my chambers surrounded by old parchments, some I had taken with me from the Holy Order, some I had gotten from...other...sources, when I heard a solemn knock at the door.

"My Lady."

It was one of my golems. I set down the document I was reading and walked to the door.


"We have what you asked for, and your equiptment has been assembled."

I smiled smugly as I grabbed my cloak. I had trained my servants well, and they were very useful. I picked up my lantern and opened the door. The golems mishappen form waited for me.

I made my way to the clearing where I had been conducting my experiments lately. A goblet and a silver dagger were set to the side, and a freshly killed deer had been left in the middle.

I dropped my cloak on the outskirts of the clearing and rolled up my sleeves. This would be messy, but such was the price of knowledge.

I took my knife and walked to the deer, slitting its throat and catching the gushing blood in my goblet. I used the blood to draw a pentagram in the dirt around the carcass, muttering words beneath my breath and concentrating hard.

Safety first.

Stepping out of the bloody boundaries, I held my palms face out, letting power run to them from my core. After a moment, I lifted my hands lifted back the very veils that seperate this world from the other. I reached in, and pulled something out, forcing in into the protected area.

I began to chant slowly, willing the spirit to enter the closest body it could get to, the deer. The golems were faithful, and incredibly useful, but they were not strong. I needed soldiers, minions that would be able to fight and win against opposition, not melt into the mud.

The caught spirit struggled with my mind, but soon gave in. The deer began to twitch, began to stand. I watched intently, waiting.

It stood and looked at me. I willed it bow it's head to me, and it did. The creature bared it's teeth and I fought the urge to laugh, but kept my face stony.

Just as I felt I had suceeded, a strange look came into its eyes, and the deers skin began to bubble. I quickly back away as the creature exploded with great force, the captured spirit fleeing back to the otherworld.

Damn! Another failed experiment! I sighed and set my cloak back on my shoulders. There would always be another night, I thought wearily.


[04 Nov 2004|05:10pm]

"Take your bloody coat! Go back to your church and let me be. That's all I ask, from you and the world!"

I caught my coat with one hand, and made a face to feign taking offense at the Doctor's words. In truth, I wasn't even paying attention to his words, my mind was only focusing on one thing. And now I would have it.

I slipped my left hand through the left sleeve, and as I slipped my right hand into the coat, I reached into one of its deep pockets, drawing an object through my right sleeve as I finished putting on the coat.

In one quick movement, I raised my small ivory blowgun and blew the pre-loaded darts at the Doctor. Had he been Hyde, I may have missed him, but as an old man he was an easy target.

I only prayed he wouldn't shift before the tranquilizer took effect.
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Revealing a Mystery [03 Nov 2004|07:46pm]

[ mood | confused ]

My feet did lead me to her door eventually, which was almost disheartening, but I knew I was going to call on her anyway. I figured I would at least drag her back to the manor for some questions. That way I'd have some resources (the library) at my hands. I wondered if Velkan would want to talk to her too... probably. She did play a part in saving his life, after all.

I knocked firmly on the wooden door, met with a hollow sound. I didn't want to wake her if she were sleeping, but perhaps if she were disoriented, she would comply better.

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Retreat from the day... [02 Nov 2004|09:12pm]

I retreated from the night as the sky began to give way to a purplish- grey signalling the comming of day and the scorching sun. I quickly found a wooden shed in the woods abandoned of mortals, but not of their belongings. The bright sunlight trickled through the wooden walls in golden streams and I had to retreat to a corner where the sun did not touch the me.
I huddled beneath my coat using it as a cloak. As I slept beneath it my dreams were visited with images from the night, the vampire brides, the handsome human named 'Velkan', and the growing thirst.
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I wake with a memory [01 Nov 2004|04:55pm]

When I awoke again I was still on a couch in the downstairs sitting room, though a blanket had at some time been layed over me. Nearby Anna sat asleep in a chair. Since there were no windows to the room I had no way of knowing what time of day it was but a pang in my stomach told me I was completely famished. At least the headache had subsided somewhat.

Looking around the room hesitantly, I allowed my eyes to re-adjust. Everything felt slower than usual and for a moment I wasn't particularly fond of the idea of getting up but the thought quickly passed. On a nearby table stood a small cup of what I could only assume was the water I had been given earlier. I tried to sit up but a sharp pain in my side forced me back down with a moan. The idea of bed rest didn't bode well with me. There was work to be done.

My movement was enough to awaken Anna though, as I strained once more to reach the cup. My shoulder and abdomen were screaming at me to stop twisting my body in such a way but I refused to listen to it. I had narrowly escaped a werewolf. I wasn't about to let a cup of water get the best of me.
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